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Let us help you ReDesign the space of your dreams without the high cost of a complete remodel!

Services to Fit Your Budget and Need

Here at Sydney Kaitlynn Interiors, LLC, we seek to create an environment within the home that is a place of refuge for you and your family to rest, recharge and build relationships. We believe the home should be a direct reflection of the user(s) through the design choices made within the space. When you redesign with us, we will start by using what you already have and love to help transform your home into your dream space.

Our 3 Phase Process to ReDesign

Here at Sydney Kaitlynn Interiors, LLC, we follow a 3-phase process to redesigning your space.

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Phase 1

Start by using what you already have and love in creating your design plan.

Phase 2

Shop for recommended items that will enhance the space and help you in creating your dream space and consider any cosmetic improvements that will best help you reach your design goals.

Phase 3

Put all the pieces together to create your unique, one of a kind design plan!

Our Services

Sydney Kaitlynn Interiors Laundry Room ReDesign

In-Home Consultation


This in-home consultation service includes a detailed review of your desired space(s) to assess your design needs and goals. This service is designed for those looking to fulfill ReDesign needs themselves (DIY) and need an outside viewpoint and expert advice on what needs to be done to best meet your design goals. It is also used prior to any hands-on ReDesign Makeover Services to gather needed information for a design proposal and to make recommended purchases to be made ahead of time so we can make the most of your design day!


This consultation service can take up to an hour per room and include the following:

  • Detailed phone interview to better understand your project and design goals
  • Recommendations on furniture and accessory layout using what you already have
  • General Shopping/Service Recommendations to better enhance the space layout
  • Recommendations for de-cluttering, rearranging, and optimizing space
  • Tips on highlighting architectural features and freshening up each desired space
  • Color and emotional connection point set-up advice in each desire space
  • Measurement of spaces if further services are elected

You will walk away with answers to you design questions, a Priority Shopping List, and an Exclusive Vendor List to help you with any necessary purchases or improvements!

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Design Makeover Services

Priced on Case By Case Basis

Sydney Kaitlynn Interiors, LLC offers hands-on ReDesign Makeover Services in which we come back to your home after an in home consult and all service recommendations and shopping has been completed. We will then help you carry out your ReDesign Project goals as defined in your personalized Design Proposal. This service is designed to help take the stress out of the ReDesign process as it allows the client to be more “hands-free” if they desire. The client is still able to make design choices and is responsible for coordination of any major changes to be done within the space by outside vendors but would rather let the designer perform the sourcing* of all materials and/or the overall ReDesign of all the chosen space(s) to achieve the desired look.

(*see power shopping details below)

This service can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to complete based on project scope.

Prior to any ReDesign Makeover Services, we will work together to form a Personalized Design Proposal and Contract that we can both agree upon that will outline all services to be completed as well as the expected ReDesign fees. Payment is due as outlined in the contract terms unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

In choosing this service, you will be left with a newly refreshed and redesigned space that you will love without paying the high cost of a complete remodel!

Power Shopping

In this service add-on, we will create a budget and shop directly for specific furniture and accessories that will best help you reach your design goals. For online items, I will electronically send you a link to the exact recommended items for your approval. After your approval I will then either (A) provide you a direct link for you to purchase the item(s) yourself and set up delivery/assembly or (B) send you an invoice for any trade-discounted items so I can purchase them for you at a discounted rate. In order for me to make any in-store purchases, a separate shopping fund must be provided ahead of time, so I am able to purchase the items as they are found. If any funds remain in your shopping fund for in-store purchases, you will be refunded the remaining balance. All items that are chosen “on the spot” in the store, will have the option to be returned and refunded (within 15 days of receipt) if the item does not meet your expectations.

Starting at $75/HR

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"I think we should make the best of where we live and we should all be able to come back home to a place that is welcoming and represents who we are."

-David Bromstad, Designer and HGTV Star

Why ReDesign?

Keeps You From Making Costly Design Mistakes

By using a Professional ReDesigner, you can avoid making costly mistakes in design choices. We can work together to turn your vision into a thoughtfully curated space through choosing the right furniture, fixtures, and accessories.

Fits Small Budgets

Complete remodels can be very costly. By choosing our ReDesign Service, we start with what you already have and build upon it to help you save money!

Easier to Phase

ReDesign is a much easier way to phase out your project without living in a constant construction zone

Keeps it Consistent

A Professional ReDesigner can help you create flow and consistency throghout your space(s) and blend styles together where necessary.

Minimizes Sourcing Overwhelm and Saves Time

Trying to find all the pieces to the puzzle can be overwhelming and time consuming but as a Professional ReDesigner, I know the best sources to find the right items and often have access to great discounts!


ReDesign starts with what you already own and love to create the space of your dreams. ReDesign does not involve structural changes, tearing down walls, or any other high cost alterations that the complete remodeling process often requires. While you can certainly always choose to have these major changes done, and use our ReDesign services after completed, we ourselves do not orchestrate the planning or construction of those changes. The main goal of ReDesign is to create a space that is functional, safe, and personalized to you and your family without the high cost of a complete remodel. You will be surprised at how much potential your home already has without any major architectural changes.


To read more about the difference between ReDesign and Remodeling, visit our blog article:

All design projects start with a discovery call and consultation that can take up to an hour per room. During this appointment, if you decide for further design services, timeframe estimates will be given to you based on your project scope. Projects can take anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks to complete, depending on your project scope and any outside vendor work you choose to have completed beforehand.

It is important to remember that designer service fees do not include the price of furnishings, cosmetic improvements, or any services done by outside vendors. Our designer service fees start at $75/hr (after a consultation priced at $115/hr) and then what you choose to spend on your purchases is up to you but it is important to remember that your design will be directly affected by the budget you set per room. For example, having a budget of $1,000 for a new living room design will limit what purchases and changes can be done, therefore potentially limiting your design plan. An estimate of design services and fees will be given to you in your contract before any design makeover services will occur.

My goal in ReDesign is to help you create an environment within your home that you and you family will love for years to come. When choosing your Design Service and/or creating your Design Proposal, we will decide on the number of design revisions you are allowed per your selected service. If additional revisions are desired, they can be provided at an additional hourly rate for the time it takes to complete.

Our 8 Step ReDesign Philosophy

Sydney Kaitlynn Interiors, LLC follows an 8-step “FEEL HOME” Process within each room we ReDesign


First Impressions

We will walk through your home room by room, taking note of our first impressions, What Grabs us, what Glares at us, and what gives us a feeling of home.


Eliminating Clutter

The packing starts now as we pack away a good percentage of everything in the room in order to create a more clean, open, and spacious feel.



Emphasizing the positive

Finding your beautiful focal points, we will emphasize what we love about the room and hide or distract the negative aspects of the rooms.



Lighten Up

Focusing on lighting and color, we will make each room into a bright, warm, and inviting space for all potential users to enjoy.



Home Owner's Appeal

In order for you to “feel home,” you need a home that is a wonderful reflection of you, your family, your life, and what you love. We’ll have you fill out our lifestyle questionnaire, so that we can create a tailored space for you and your family.




Cleaning and Repair time! The dirty work speaks for itself but is often overlooked because you’ve lived here for so long. These mental to-do’s can be draining so let’s get rid of them by incorporating an organizational plan that is easy for you to perpetuate.




Updating your style and building simple accessories out of what you already have to create clean lines and form. We will also recommend purchases to enhance your design goals.


Emotional Connection Points

We will recommend or create luxurious, personal spaces throughout your home on design day if elected that will reflect your family’s lifestyle.