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Realtor Partnership Plans

Are you a real estate agent in the Hampton Roads area? Let us help you stage your occupied listings!

Partnerships to Fit Your Budget and Need

Here at Sydney Kaitlynn Interiors, LLC, we seek to create an environment that will best maximize a home’s selling potential by staging for the particular buyers’ market at hand. In partnering with us through one of our realtor partnership plans, we can work together to sell your occupied listings faster and at a great price. Our process can fit very well into your listing presentation and provide you great tools and resources to help educate your sellers on the importance of home staging.


Our 3 Phase Process to Home Staging

Here at Sydney Kaitlynn Interiors, LLC, we follow a 3-phase process to staging each home.

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Phase 1

Start by using what you already have to maximize staging potential in your home

Phase 2

Shop for recommended items that will go with what you already own to help modernize the space for potential buyers

Phase 3

Recommendations for cosmetic improvements that will best increase your Return on Investment (ROI)

Our Partnership Options

"Getting to Know" You Partnership


3 Prepaid Occupied Staging Consultations and Reports at a 5%+ Discount

Next Level Partnership


7 Prepaid Occupied Staging Consultations and Reports at a 10%+ Discount

Professional Partnership


15 Prepaid Occupied Staging Consultations and Reports at a 15% discount

Platinum Partnership


5 “Realtor Revives” at over a 10% Discount

This Service includes a 1/2 day makeover and consultation to help the home seller start staging the main areas of their occupied home right away and guide them through completing any remaining areas at completion of service.

After a consultation, clients have the option to add on any additional occupied staging services they desire at their own expense to get their home ready for sale.

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Our 8 Step Staging Philosophy

Here at Sydney Kaitlynn Interiors, LLC we follow an 8-step “FEEL HOME’ process in each room we stage.


First Impressions

We will walk through your home room by room, taking note of our first impressions, What Grabs us, what Glares at us, and what gives us a feeling of home.


Eliminating Clutter

The packing starts now as we pack away a good percentage of everyhting in the room in order to create a more clean, open, and spacious feel.



Emphasizing the positive

Finding your beautiful focal points, we will emphasize what we love about the room and hide or distract the negative aspects of the rooms.



Lighten Up

Focusing on lighting and color, we will make each room into a bright, warm, and inviting space buyers can respond to. Paint and light fixtures are key elements to buyers.



Home Buyer's Appeal

In order for a buyer to “feel home,” they need to not be reminded of this being your home. We will depersonalize the space while retaining the warmth and fun of photos.





Cleaning and Repair time! The dirty work speaks for itself but is often overlooked because you’ve lived here for so long. Let’s get rid of any potential inspection issues and the buyer’s mental repair list by doing it ourselves.




This involves updating your style and building simple accessories out of what you already have to create clean lines and form. We will recommend critical purchases not only as valuable investments int he staging process but to modernize and refresh your current items.


Emotional Connection Points

Creating the “Wow Factor”- this is the fun part and is a huge focus of our positioning strategy. We’ll show you how to build in these subtleties in order to make the buyers subconsciously desire to live here and “feel home.”

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