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ReDesign vs Remodeling

ReDesign vs Remodeling... which is right for you?

ReDesigning and Remodeling are two terms that are often mistakenly interchanged but there is a key difference between the two. While both terms deal with improving a space’s functionality and aesthetic, they don’t use the same approach in doing so.


Remodeling often times involves making costly structural changes to a building or home like removing walls, adding walls, or creating additions to a space. While there is definitely a time and place for these types of changes, more often than not most homeowners do not need these types of major changes to reach their design goals. That is where ReDesign comes in.


ReDesign starts by using the space you already have and the items within it. Sometimes, ReDesign is incorporated after a major structural change (or Remodel/ Addition) has taken place but most of the time it is incorporated into the home without any structural changes having taken place. By taking this approach, ReDesign often saves a lot of money and time while also reducing the chances of unforeseen mistakes along the way, often making it a more practical and desirable option for homeowners.


Another great aspect of ReDesign is that it often takes a more personable approach to your already existing furniture, fixtures, and accessories, rather than completely ridding the space and starting over completely anew. Many times, a few simple changes go a long way in improving the aesthetic or functionality of a space and by using what you already have and love, redesign then adds to, alters, and aims to enhance the space through smaller and more affordable changes. These changes can range from simple things like changing hardware, light fixtures, accessories, wall colors and adornments to changing flooring, countertops, cabinetry, furniture, etc.  ReDesign also aims to increase flow within a room and often involves a change in furniture layout or types of furniture to better accommodate the given space.


When a homeowner decides to completely gut and remodel a space, the costs can quickly add up, especially when something unforeseen occurs or is revealed. With ReDesign, the homeowner is better able to control costs, and have more say-so into what they want to invest their design budget into. It also comes with less risk of unforeseen incidents and allows for the overall budget to be stretched throughout the space and be utilized in the cosmetic and visually seen changes vs the hidden changes/expenses (like moving pipes, electrical, etc.).


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So… which is right for you?


If you have a home that you love but it is just not functioning well as far as traffic flow, organization, storage, design aesthetic, etc., consider consulting with a ReDesigner first. More often than not, these problems can be solved by simply changing the arrangement and purposes of spaces, objects, and rooms and/or incorporating different furniture/accessories and design strategies. If, however, you find for example, your 8 ft x10 ft dining room just isn’t cutting it for your 10+ person family, and there is no other room available to logically use as a dining room, an addition or expansion may be what you have to consider in order to reach that goal (aka through remodeling).


I like to think of it as packing a bin full of holiday decor. If you have a certain amount of “things” you are trying to fit into this bin and know it is possible if arranged correctly (because maybe, all the items once fit in it before) than all you would need to do is carefully rearrange it together like a puzzle… not completely ditch the bin for a completely different or new one. However, if you logically know you have way too many things to fit into the bin (maybe you added a few new items this year) and they are overflowing in a heaping mound on the top, you know right away you are going to need a new or bigger bin. That would be a lot like comparing redesign and remodeling. One simply needs to be re-arranged and put together in a certain way to fit or reach a certain goal (redesign) and the other needs a completely new or bigger space to better accommodate that goal (remodel).


When in doubt, it is usually always worth it to at least consult with a ReDesigner first, as they often have advice on which direction to consider as well as the pros and cons of each. Even if you decide to go the route of a complete gut and remodel, working with a ReDesigner prior to and after the structural changes have taken place can help you know exactly what you want beforehand, what needs to be done (structurally) to meet those goals, and how to get your vision to come to life after those major changes have occurred.


One of the most common rooms people completely gut and remodel unnecessarily is the kitchen/living room. In older homes, especially, these rooms tend to be cut up, lack traffic flow, and don’t fit today’s ideal of the traditional “open floor plan”. In cases like this, the homeowner needs to carefully consider beforehand how much they want to invest into any changes, as well as what the space will be used most often for. If you have a large family, you plan to stay in your home a while, and your kitchen is tiny square footage-wise, a remodel is something to consider to expand the limits (or walls) of the room. However, if you just find the flow or aesthetic in the kitchen to be off, have a small budget, or you even have a good-sized kitchen and/or don’t want to commit to the high cost of moving walls, adding rooms, etc., consider consulting with a ReDesigner first. This will help you to not become overwhelmed with options beyond your budget as well as avoid jumping into something before carefully considering all your options.


ReDesigners like Sydney Kaitlynn Interiors, LLC work directly with clients to help them reach their goals in a more personable and cost-effective manner and can help you decide the best route to take. Our process starts with what you already have, and we approach your space differently than most, aiming to save you time and money and avoid jumping into something you may not really need.


Think of me as your home design advocate! We go into this as a team, with the same goals in mind, to use your budget wisely, avoid costly mistakes, and reach your individual design project goals as efficiently and effectively as possible!

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